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20 Reformer Class Package
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Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer & Mat Classes
For Long Island, NY & the Surrounding Area

In addition to our wide selection of beginner yoga classes, specialized yoga classes, and our comprehensive yoga teacher training course, Satya Yoga & Pilates also offers several different Pilates classes for those seeking to improve their flexibility, fitness, and strength through this practice. 

Welcoming clients from across the greater Long Island, NY area including Port Jefferson, Miller Place, Setauket, NY and the nearby communities, our Pilates classes utilize and introduce all of the principles of Pilates including: 
• Core control
• Pilates breathing
• Shoulder girdle stabilization
• Axial elongation
• Spinal articulation. 
Whether you are an avid practitioner or just looking to see how Pilates can benefit your overall well-being, we are sure to have the right course for you. Offering courses such as Pilates reformer classes, Pilates mat classes, and private one-on-one Pilates instruction, we invite you to call or visit our studio today to learn more. 


This Pilates mat class will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates, including core engagement, breathing, shoulder girdle organization, and spinal articulation. 
This Pilates class will help you build overall body strength and flatter, more toned abdominal muscles. This workout is derived from the principles of strength and flexibility training. Each exercise sequence addresses alignment, muscle strength, endurance and spine stabilization. 
Results from this training include improved posture, stronger abdominal and back muscles, and overall improved appearance and body awareness.
Mat Pilates One-On-One
Purchase a mat Pilates training package that can be performed in the convenience and privacy of your home. Increase core strength and stability while improving posture and flexibility.


In this class, we utilize all of the principles of Pilates like core control, spinal articulation, and shoulder girdle stability to strengthen and elongate all of the muscles, and build stronger and leaner abdominal muscles.


The Pilates I / II class will review the principles and be familiar with all of the level 1 syllabus. You will have a good handle on your breathing and core control, and will be introduced to some level 2 movements.


Pilates II / III is an advanced level class in which you need your level two Allegro class training (Prerequisite Notes Allegro 1 and 2) to be eligible for this class. You already need a basis on the breathing and the principles for this class.

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Providing Pilates mat classes and Pilates reformer classes that are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, if you are interested in increasing your flexibility, improving your strength, or working towards leaner core muscles, consider enrolling in one of our classes today. 

Conveniently located in Port Jefferson Station and serving residents throughout the Long Island, NY area, our professionally trained instructors can help you receive the most out of your Pilates experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions about pilates reformer classes and be sure to join one of our in-person or virtual classes.