Frequently Asked Questions About Our Yoga Teacher Training

Let Us Answer Any Questions You Have About Our Yoga Teacher Training

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When are the yoga teacher training courses offered?

At Satya Yoga & Pilates, our yoga teacher training certification courses are typically broken in to two parts offered multiple times a year. For the 200 hour class, participants must complete Part 1 before enrolling in Part 2. The Yoga Teacher Training page of our website is updated frequently with the dates of upcoming classes to keep prospective students informed on course availability and the enrollment period for each course. Spaces are limited and a deposit is required, so we encourage interested students to sign up early by calling our studio directly. 

We’re excited to announce that our next 200 hour course is currently scheduled to start:

September 17th & 18th

October 22nd & 23rd

November 12th & 13th

December 3rd & 4th

January 7th & 8th

(Plus Every Other Thursday Between Classes 5:30pm – 8:00pm)
Enrollment is open and spaces are limited, so be sure to call (631) 828-5996 to reserve your spot today!

Who should attend our yoga teacher training?

Our yoga teacher training is for anyone who has an interest in yoga no matter what their experience level may be. It is not necessary to have prior teaching experience. Our insightful course is designed to accommodate beginners, experienced teachers, and everyone in between.

What types of yoga are explored during the teacher training?

The teacher training goes over many different styles and practices of yoga including Lyengar, Shivananda, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Kripalu, and Desikacher. In addition to providing you with a basic understanding of these styles, our training also covers different breathing techniques, postures, and meditation techniques, as well as topics such as how to modify poses with props and injury prevention. You’ll also learn how to adapt yoga poses to accommodate teaching a wider audience through an introduction to pre-natal yoga, senior yoga, and yoga for kids.

What are some of the benefits of yoga teaching training?

Our yoga teacher training offers a variety of benefits that can be tailored to meet each of our student’s individual needs and goals. Whether you are interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor for personal or professional reasons, our yoga teacher training can:
• Provide an understanding on how to change the perspective of being a student to being a teacher.
• Help you learn how to teach yoga part-time or full-time.
• Provide you with information on how to open up a studio or add yoga to an already existing business.
• Give you the tools necessary to teach specialty retreats/workshops.

What are some of the course objectives?

Our yoga teacher training course has the following objectives:
• To provide students with an understanding of different teaching techniques from demonstration to articulation.
• To help our students understand how to be a yoga teacher and what that means.
• To help students learn how to form their own teaching styles.
• To provide students with a full understanding of the business of yoga.

What can graduates expect after completing yoga teacher training?

At Satya Yoga & Pilates, we take the responsibility of educating students to be teachers very seriously. After teachers graduate the course, our studio can provide assistance in the following ways:
• Provide a teacher in training class at the studio so that new teachers can hone their skills.
• Assist in job placement.
• Be available by phone, email, or Facebook for assistance or questions about future endeavors.
• Let new teachers assist in classes or workshops to continue to learn different facets of yoga.
For more information on the specifics of the yoga teacher training course or to  enroll, please call Satya Yoga & Pilates at (631) 828-5996. Our studio is proud to serve residents from across the Long Island, NY area including Port Jefferson, Mount Sinai, Setauket, Miller Place, NY, and beyond.