Yoga Classes

Convenient Yoga Classes For Long Island, NY & the Surrounding Area

Yoga combines physical, mental, and spiritual elements to help promote relaxation, meditation, fertility, and overall good health. At Satya Yoga & Pilates on Long Island, New York, our yoga studio is proud to offer a variety of yoga classes to encourage students of all ages and skill levels to discover the benefits of yoga for themselves. When you visit our facility, our skilled instructors can recommend the right class based on your wellness goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or are a more advanced practitioner, we believe that everyone can learn to improve their technique and enjoy feelings of restoration after a yoga session. Read through the sections below to find out more about the individual specialized yoga classes we offer or contact us today

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Restorative yoga poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress. The use of props provides a complete environment for total relaxation. Each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions. These movements illustrate the age-old wisdom of yoga that teaches well-being is enhanced by a healthy spine.

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing practice of yoga poses that emphasizes breathing techniques used as you move through each pose.

Vinyasa combines hatha yoga and Iyengar teachings. This class includes exercises combined with poses and stretches that promote health in the mind and body. Classes end with a short meditation to nourish the mind and the body.

Fertility Yoga Classes

When women are suffering from infertility, there are many different factors of why this is occurring both physically and emotionally.
The role of their partner also has an essential role in the process. One way to help make this process easier is to deal with stress that the couples are going through.
Yoga for fertility is a way to help the couple through the stress of uncomfortable treatments, financial burden, and the frustration with one’s body. By giving the mind a rest, and seeing the body’s ability to do the yoga poses, women start to trade feelings of frustration toward the body with trust.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Our prenatal yoga class is an enjoyable experience geared specifically toward women during their prenatal stage. Each pose that is done in the class is explained for each trimester, and students are made aware of what movements to avoid and why. 
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Private Yoga Classes

Are you looking for yoga classes in the Long Island, NY area? Come to Satya Yoga & Pilates! We offer private yoga sessions. If you want beginner yoga classes in a one-on-one setting, private classes are just the thing for you. Private yoga classes mean you will get more attention that is focused just on you! This can be a great thing if you are recovering from an injury.

There are many benefits to private yoga lessons. Some of them include feeling more comfortable and being able to focus on your personal goals and needs. If you want to learn more about our private yoga classes, give Satya Yoga & Pilates a call! 

Kids Yoga with Lydia

 Yoga for Kids is back JUST IN TIME for the beginning of school!

During this weekly workshop your child
(Ages 4-8) will learn about:
• Relaxation & Stretching
• Improved Concentration & Focus
• Balance, Breathing & Self Awareness
This will be an ongoing class, every Thursday at 5:15pm*
$13 per class or $45 for 4 classes
*pre-registration is required
If you have an older child that is interested in taking yoga, please let us know.

We Also Offer Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses

In addition to our wide variety of yoga classes designed to meet the specific needs of our students while helping them enjoy balance and relaxation, Satya Yoga & Pilates also offers classes dedicated to helping those interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor. Our comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training courses are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the principles of yoga including the basics of pranayama techniques, the philosophy and history of yoga, as well as practical information on what to teach and how to put together and lead a class. Visit our Yoga Teacher Training page to learn more.
We’re excited to announce enrollment in now open for our upcoming yoga teacher training!
Our next 200 hour course is scheduled to begin in June 2021.
Space is limited, so we encourage prospective students to call us directly at (631) 828-5996 to sign up.