Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Classes For Long Island, NY & the Surrounding Area

Vinyasa yoga involves a focus on breathing as you practice. As you move from pose to pose, you focus on inhaling and exhaling in a pattern. This type of yoga builds the most strength, as it uses resistance and requires balance. 

Beyond the physical benefits, practitioners of vinyasa yoga will find a release of stress through meditation. The habit of focusing on your breathing can influence other areas of your life for the better; you might find that you sleep better, experience less stress, and are able to focus better. 

Find Out More About How Our Vinyasa Yoga Classes Can Benefit You

Satya Yoga & Pilates offers convenient vinyasa yoga classes to residents of Long Island, NY, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about the benefits of practicing yoga on your spiritual, mental, and physical health by calling us or joining one of our upcoming classes. You can also join one of our dance, Pilates, or karate classes. No matter what class you join, you will learn how to stretch your body and expand your mind with the help of our experienced instructors. 
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