Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Classes For Long Island, NY & the Surrounding Area

If you’re holding tension in your body, it can affect everything in your life. Anyone suffering from mental and physical stress can use yoga poses that move the spine to relax the body and mind. A healthy spine enhances your well-being, and restorative yoga focuses on the spine. 

Regularly practicing restorative yoga can teach you to get rid of stress and let go of tension, helping you to find peace during any moment of your life. It will help you let go of all of that stress you are holding in. Restorative yoga also increases flexibility, strengthens the immune system, and offers plenty of other benefits. To learn more about how our restorative yoga classes can benefit you, contact Satya Yoga & Pilates today!

Benefits of In-Person Yoga Classes

When it comes to yoga classes, there are many benefits including increased flexibility, muscle strength, and tone, as well as better posture and a sense of calm. Those who practice yoga may join online classes, podcasts, and other streaming videos. However, there are many benefits of practicing yoga in a studio session including:

Environment- When you visit us for restorative yoga classes, you can distance yourself from the distractions that may occur in your home or other areas you choose to practice yoga. Our studio offers a relaxing ambiance free from phone distractions as well as distractions from kids, pets, or others. A peaceful environment will ensure you are reaching the benefits of deep relaxation. 
Connections- Our in-person yoga classes offer a camaraderie of like-minded people and a safe community.
Adjustments- Our instructors can help students deepen their practice and offer modifications as they are there watching and guiding.
Accountability- An in-person yoga class helps keep students accountable for their practice and helps them reach long-term health and fitness goals. 
Injuries- Having an instructor nearby ensures students are doing poses correctly and safely to avoid injuries.
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