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Virtual Yoga Classes

Learn More About One-on-One Private Yoga Classes Available in Long Island, NY

Have you suffered an injury and are seeking relief, or do you have specific health and wellness goals that you are working towards? Satya Yoga & Pilates offers private, one-on-one yoga classes for individuals who need that extra bit of attention. 

Our private yoga classes can be tailored to suit your needs. We have restorative yoga for those who are dealing with chronic pain or soreness due to a medical condition or injury, as well as fertility and prenatal yoga classes for women who are seeking to become pregnant and maintain their health during pregnancy.

Three Benefits of Taking Private Classes If You Want to
Become a Yoga Teacher

Advance your yoga skills faster- Taking private yoga classes is a great way to maximize your personal growth when it comes to yoga. Group classes are great, but you can often get lost in the crowd. Private yoga classes allow you to really focus on developing the skills you will need to teach a class.
Ability to ask more questions about yoga- Private yoga classes allow you to get one-on-one time with a yoga teacher, which is perfect for an aspiring yoga teacher. It gives you time to ask about the different things that go into specific types of yoga classes like beginner yoga classes, prenatal yoga classes, pilates mat classes, pilates reformer classes, vinyasa yoga classes, fertility yoga classes, and restorative yoga classes. This knowledge will help you figure out what type of yoga class you want to teach in the future. 
Work with your schedule- The flexibility of private yoga classes is wonderful! The only other person you must match a schedule with is your instructor! You can even take this time as an opportunity to really get an idea of how many other group yoga classes are offered at the times you are free. As a yoga teacher, you want to make sure that the time of your class is not too popular, otherwise, you will have trouble getting people to attend your yoga classes.  

Are Private Yoga Classes Right for Me?

Our private sessions are ideal for those that would benefit from one-on-one attention. Perhaps you have trouble staying motivated or have a specific area of focus that you want to center on; our trainers can help. We’ll be here to listen to your personal problems or health issues and can work to solve them through a personally crafted yoga class. Welcoming new clients from Long Island, NY and the surrounding communities, if you are interested in our private or beginner yoga classes, please fill out the form below.