COVID-19 Response

We Are Open! Welcome Back!

Update as of August 2022: As vaccination rates increase and restrictions are lifted, we want to assure our clients we are still taking all necessary precautions to keep them safe. We encourage our clients to feel comfortable resuming their in-person practice at our studio as we navigate the return to normal together.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our studio for the latest information on how we are handling the teaching of our in-person Pilates mat classes, Pilates reformer classes, and yoga classes moving forward.

Dear Yoga and Pilates Students,

There are many upcoming changes on the horizon. While we here at Satya Yoga and Pilates have been open since last year, we are looking forward to welcoming both old and new clients as we will soon be able to open our doors to a larger number of people.
*Safety is our #1 priority. As the changes continue to occur, we will be following all of the guidelines set forward by the CDC and the New York Governor’s website.* Please call the studio at (631) 828-5996 for any updates on our current class occupancy and mask mandate policies.
We know this has been such a challenging time for everyone, but it is time to open ourselves up once again to our life and find our new normal. We are excited to be here for you through stress, healing, exercise, connection, meditation and to continue that journey to self realization. Yoga is and always will be a tool we can use to heal ourselves and our psyche; and the mindfulness of Pilates allows us to find that balance between a great workout and the challenge of pushing ourselves to be better. We are here for support during this time and we look forward to working with you once again.
Entering the Studio:

There are disinfectant stations in the front of the space, in the yoga studio, as well as in the Pilates studio. There is hand sanitizer as well as hospital grade wipes available to use for any cleaning. We will not be using studio props. We will be selling used prop bundles before we open on request, or the first day of class. If you are interested in buying any of the props please call us at 631-828-5996. Otherwise you do have the option to bring your own supplies to class!

By signing into class students verify that they have not been sick nor have been in contact with someone who has been sick within the last two weeks.
Class Occupancy:
We will soon be increasing our class sizes to fit up to 15 people in the yoga space. We are requiring that everyone pre-registers* for a class, which you can do through your account. If you are unable to do it through the mindbodyonline app, you can call us at 631-828-5996 to make appointments.
*Limited spots are available; we cannot ensure a spot in the class for walk-ins.
Zoom Classes:
We are still offering many of our yoga classes via zoom. Please see our schedule or call the studio at 631-828-5996 for more information.
Please be patient with us during this time as we try to work out all of the kinks that this new normal will bring us. We are so excited to see you again and help you in any way. Thank you to all of the students that continued to support us with zoom classes and buying packages, and gift cards. We have all formed a beautiful sangha, community.
Namaste always,
Melissa and staff of Satya 
Call us today at (631) 828-5996 to sign up for one of our in-person or virtual classes!