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Yoga Teacher Training

2017: 200 hour - Apr 14,15,16

2017: 200 hour - May 19,20,21

2017: 200 hour - June 16,17,18

2017: 200 hour - July 14,15,16

2017: 200 hour - Aug 18,19,20

Part One - June 24 - July 1


Part Two - August 19 - 26

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Yoga University-East Coast

Our Long Island studio has expanded! New address: 39 Route 25A Mount Sinai, NY 11766. Looking forward to expanding our class schedule, adding teachers, new events, workshops, teacher trainings [...]

Yoga University East Coast: Call today to register or for information on becoming a certified yoga instructor [...]

Going upside down makes you stronger and more flexible. Plus it changes your perspective. Use this sequence to build your Forearm Balance and watch your body and mind transform [...]

Each of the following topics will be covered in our Long Island yoga teacher training & certification sessions: Transitioning to a full-time or part-time yoga teacher personally, professionally, and financially. Writing a course syllabus. Structured yoga class levels: beginner through advanced vs. open level yoga classes [...]

Restore Energy with Baddha Konasana: Sometimes when you’re tired, the best medicine is a restorative, rather than an active, yoga practice. Almost nothing feels as good as relaxing into the floor after a stressful day. If you’re in need of a little renewal, take a break with this restorative version of Baddha Konasana [...]

Restorative Yoga: an Iyengar based form of yoga that uses props to support, assist with alignment, and foster deep relaxation. Melt away stress and tension with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Bring a friend (or a few) and join us to unwind and restore [...]

Find Balance with Warrior III [...]

Reformer Pilates Exercises: Elephant and Inverted V [...]

Reformer Pilates Exercises: Bridging [...]

Reformer Pilates Exercises: Supine Arms and Supine Hundred [...]

NEW CLASS: Mixed Level Vinyasa [...]

Upcoming Yoga Events on Long Island

Pranayama Meditation Workshop with Melissa Boyd.

Pranayama means"control of the Breath", deep breathing techniques. On subtle levels "prana" represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and "ayama" means control.

In this workshop we will be focusing and exploring the different types of pranayama techniques and the benefits of each one.

In the second part of the workshop we will be exploring the two types of meditations: guided visualizations and the focal point meditations.

May 27th, Saturday 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Pre Registration Required

$50 For Members And $55 For non members

Satya Yoga & Pilates Studio.
Address:39 Route 25A Mt.Sinai NY 11766
Phone: 631.828.5996

Event Of the Month: Mindless or Mindful Eating?

With Karen Sullivan HN, AADP

4 Week Course

Starting April 17th

Every Monday at 7:00pm-8:30pm

Topics Covered:

Eating for Energy, Sugar: the addiction and attraction, Food & Hormones, Mindful Eating.

Come learn about creating a broader awareness about how what you eat can improve your energy. Sugar and Leptin, are they connected? Food & Hormones, how does food affect our Hormones? Mindful eating, why is this so important? In this workshop, we will create a deeper understanding about how food impacts our health. We will create a foundation for you and your family to use to improve your health. Materials included: Food Journal, Handouts on each topic, Private Complimentary Wellness Discovery Session with Karen.

$149 (for entire course) Including Materials.

Pre Registration required. 631.828.5996 to register.

Satya Yoga & Pilates Studio.
Address:39 Route 25A Mt.Sinai NY 11766
Phone: 631.828.5996



If you have never experienced Karate before! This is a perfect opportunity to explore this martial arts, which presents multitude of benefits both physical and emotional in nature. Elisa brings forth an immense level of experience, teaching shotokan karate. She specializes in teaching older adults & students with variety of health issues. Try a class and experience the many benefits of karate. Self defense, fitness, health, attitude, self discipline are a few ways in which Elisa can begin to change your life.

Giving back to our community!

Giving back to our community!

We love giving back to the community and encourage other to do also!

Help Satya support Safe & Sound Sanctuary for senior dogs. Safe & Sound Sanctuary provides medical care, treatment & other routine services for senior dogs.

Make your contributions by visiting the studio, attending events or by simply calling us. 631.828.5996


Parties are available on Sundays beginning at 12:30pm

Fun activities include:

  • Yoga, Streching and Games
  • Pizza
  • Dance Party with music and lights

Pricing: Birthday Child is FREE!

Price includes a 1 hour yoga class, pizza and dance party for up to 15 young people.

Price also includes plates and napkins.

Any other party items, such as cake or specialty paper goods need to be provided by parent or guardian.

$400 for up to 15 young people.

Each additional child is $20 each.

Call 631-828-5996 for more information or for special requests.


Bachelorette Parties

We are now hosting private bachelorette parties in our studio or we will come to you! Please ask how we can help make this occassion special for you or your friends. Help the bride to be to relax and rejuvenate before her big day while having fun and connecting with friends and family.

Bachelorette Parties

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